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Welcome to the site, your guide to some of UK's top home delivery wine merchants, offering either regular deliveries direct to your house or your choice of wines by the case, reds, whites, rose, sparkling or mixed cases.

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Home delivery of wine direct to your house is now firmly established - you place you order on the web, and then a few days later the wine is delivered to your door.

Many of them offer a regular delivery service - a case of 12 bottles delivered every two or three months and these are a very good way of keeping your cellar (well to be honest, wine rack!) stocked up and get to try some interesting wines.

The suppliers who offer regular deliveries are obviously keen to sign you up so usually offer some very good introductory offers which are worth taking advantage of.

Alternatively, you can make your own selection, either from mixed cases on offer or by choosing your own wines.

One thing to be careful of is how many bottles of wines there are in a case - some suppliers think there are 12, others 6, so you need to check. Also check whether there is a charge for delivery when comparing prices, and keep an eye open for free delivery offers from time to time.

Special Offers

These are a selection of special offers available at the moment:

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